Replica OMEGA's most legendary is its super series (speed) table. Go up century 60 time, NASA has spent more than two years of weightlessness and vibrating magnetic field, strict list, shock and temperature test, the watch Super Replica OMEGA results, 1965 were determined to designated timer for NASA (super table after 10 years has become the designated timer Soviet cosmonaut).

In July 21, 1969, Replica OMEGA table according to the American astronaut Armstrong set foot on the moon. 1970, in excess of two units with 1/10 precise timing function to help fuel depot explosion of the Apollo 13 launch engine, successfully returned to earth from the moon orbit. In the form of outstanding performance in the rescue action recognition in the NASA's highest honor, especially the "Snoopy prize" of Replica OMEGA.

Omega replica watches has been outstanding, and a forward-looking attitude to explore the art of watchmaking. The 1.5 century years, the brand has the exquisite production technology and excellent design. In the Swiss watch industry, Replica OMEGA is a great innovation. Mechanical movement most is Replica OMEGA the Swiss official Observatory acceptance test, established the precise time record. The design of the Replica OMEGA watch is very perfect, it reveals another noble temperament.

Today, Replica OMEGA has developed a number of series, such as fashion constellation series (constellation), Frisbee series (town hall), and the main use of hippocampus series super series. In addition, the world's large-scale video matrix scoreboard sports modernization is one of Replica OMEGA's invention. Replica OMEGA Company said, "Replica OMEGA" five letters can be interpreted as some characteristics of the brand is: O represents the Olympic Games (games), M (giant precision and ultra precision), E represents the elegant (elegant), G represents the geography (Geography), astronaut representative (astronaut).