Aimee Day b. 1980 UK – London based artist trained in printmaking, film and photography.

My working practice and theory relates directly to my life and everyday situations. Time is a fundamental element in living, a measured expenditure of life. In my work I’m continually recording ‘wasted time’ and the beauty and mystery of everyday living through recording observations of the city and the domestic environment. My ongoing obsession stems from a need to try and keep hold of transitory moments and places, which is a physical impossibility but still appeals to me as our lives are based largely on memory. I’m trying to show this fragility and slow disappearance of events through the use of print, drawing and animated pinhole photography.

I’m trying to encapsulate what it is to be in a particular place at a unique moment, and trying to capture the physicality and that constant loss through time.

My work is observing issues of the visibility and invisibility of recorded transience as well as commenting on chance and how nothing can be controlled or repeated precisely.


Copyright Aimee Day 2011, all rights reserved.